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Belgian Beer World at the Bourse, more than reallocation...

How best to renovate and bring to life this magnificent building, that is the former Brussels' Stock Exchange? How to continue the story that has become a symbol of the unity and diversity of our great city? How to make the venue an attraction for tourists, as well as a hub? A pivot for the citizens of Brussels? Through a public-private partnership, 12,000m2 will be accessible to the public from September 2023 onwards. On the one hand, La Bourse plays a cultural and touristic role, with a Skybar, restaurant and café, access to the archaeological site "Bruxella 1238" and the permanent cultural experience center focusing on Belgian beer, "Belgian Beer World". On the other hand La Bourse will also be a central meeting place for all. The renovated La Bourse will function as an extension of its famous steps: where the voice of all Belgians can be heard - the heart of the city.

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